What Is The Difference Between Viviscal And Viviscal Professional


In case you are interested in going on hair growth supplements, then you have come to the right place. Choosing a particular supplement to combat hair growth is risky business. Because these products are going to end up your body systems, you must be thorough about your choice. Among the more popular options for hair growth supplements is Viviscal and its products. Choosing just one from their entire selection can prove difficult especially if you are new to these supplements. However, we are going to compare the popular Viviscal Professional to the Viviscal extra strength to help you find which one is better.




Viviscal professional

AminoMar marine complex


Yes, in more quantities

Drug free



Special ingredients

Includes a variety of B vitamins among many other ingredients

Contains 3 ingredients absent in other Viviscal Products: L-Cystine, L-Methionine and Apple extract in addition to other formulations like vitamin , Zinc and calcium

Clinical research

Yes 20+ years

Yes 20+ years


1 tablet per day

1 tablet per day

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What are hair growth supplements?

These are drug like additions to your diet which are not designed to cure illness. Instead, these help with growth and strengthening of your hair and hair follicles. These are drug like additions to your diet which are not designed to cure illness. Instead, these help with growth and strengthening of your hair and hair follicles. For example, Viviscal markets its tablets as a promoter or already existing hair. These supplements combine a variety of stuff that’s great for hair growth and health which if you are intensely committed and thorough; you could get from your diet. However, these tabs exist to not only add convenience and consistency, but they are also tested for tangible results.

Reasons to start taking hair supplements

Well apart from the obvious healthier hair, there are several other reasons to consume hair supplements. One of the major ones is to fight hair loss. If you suffer from alopecia or other conditions that trigger thinning, hair loss and eventual baldness, hair supplements might be a good idea. However, do not consume these without the consent and advice of a medical professional.

Most hair growth supplements like Viviscal a drug free example create vitamin complexes meant to help hair growth internally. We can’t say no to a regulated addition of vitamins in the body can we? While you could easily consume helpful vitamins from your diet, most people don’t. The little they consume is often redirected to more prioritized areas like the organs.

How they work Viviscal vs. Viviscal professional

Before we can discuss how these supplements work, it is important we introduce you to some hair follicle biology, nothing too complex. Hair growth occurs in a 4 stage cycle: anagen, catagen, telogen and exogen. The cycle starts at anagen, the phase at which most of your hair strands are. This is the longest lasting stage. The catagen phase is the transition phase that is several days old. It is a sort of death where the hair follicle will shrink and continue to detach from the papilla. Next is Telogen which is the resting phase. It is another long phase and lasts about 3 months after which new hair growth begins. A whopping 15 percent of your hair is in this stage. Lastly is the new hair growth phase at which your old hair is shed easily from the follicle.

TIP; when checking for hair loss, it is important to look out for breakages. This is completely different from shedding hair. Broken hair often is a side effect of something separate


Interestingly, there are several similarities and differences between the Viviscal and Viviscal pro supplements. Here is a brief breakdown.

Similarities in ingredients

Viviscal extra strength and pro share the AminoMar marine complex that includes shark cartilage and oyster extract powder. Apart from this special ingredient, there is a variety of vitamins e.g. vitamin C that both Viviscal and Viviscal pro share.

Difference in ingredients

Like we mentioned in our table, Viviscal Pro has several ingredients unique to this formula alone. Among these ingredients include the following.

First is apple extract which contains Procyanidin B-2. We’re not going to get too scientific but after investigation, this ingredient is responsible for an increased hair diameter and hair density increase. Additionally Procyanidin B-2 is associated with promoted hair growth. Next we have L Methionine, an amino acid that helps in the formulation of hair and skin. This aspartate family amino acid is a L-alpha amino acid used as a building block for many protein structures in the body. Additionally, Viviscal pro contains 25 milligrams more AminoMar complex compared to the Extra strength. This could be a great thing if utilized correctly.

Clinical trials for both supplements

Both these tablets have been thoroughly researched for over a 20 year period. Some of the most recent trial results were conducted in 2014. Many people appreciate the fact that the manufacturer updates clinical trials to ensure these supplements are effective. Using this data you can rest assured that you are making a reasonable purchase.

Final verdict – Viviscal vs Viviscal professional

If you are looking for a drug free clinically researched option to help you combat hair loss or even get those inches the Viviscal might be a good place to start. However, there are two things we want yu to understand. Viviscal professional is made for professional use. The only way you can access Viviscal pro is directly through a clinic.

Additional warnings

You are advised against taking either of these supplements over the recommended dose. Moreover, do not give children these supplements unless stated otherwise by a trained, certified and qualified pediatric professional. Lastly, if you have a sea food allergy, you might want to move on. The AminoMar complex contains oyster powder which might e very problematic.

In conclusion

Taking hair supplements is a helpful way to grow your hair. However, before you take anything, you must always checkout the item and check from your doctor. Otherwise, ensure you consume these in a healthy and reasonable way. In case you were stuck between Viviscal and Viviscal pro, this guide should be enough to help you make the right choice. Otherwise, ensure to consume your supplements in a healthy and consistent fashion.

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