How To Take Viviscal Tablets


Before you start downing 20 of these babies daily, take a pause first. Consider this, do you understand how these tablets work, do you know what they contain and how these ingredients influence hair growth, do you understand the dosage and dosing time and finally, do you understand the effect of taking more than the recommended dose? If you answered no to any of these questions then this paper is just for you. We are going to answer all the questions you might about how to take Viviscal tablets.

How they work

We will start be by breaking down what these tablets are and how they work to trigger hair growth. These are basically hair supplements that contain ingredients such as biotin or a variety of other vitamins responsible for hair growth. These tablets also incorporate trademarked complexes and extracts derived from plants and animals to help with nourishment and stimulation of the follicles for hair growth. Before we go into how these tablets work, it’s important we introduce you to some hair follicle biology, nothing too complex. Hair grows in four distinct stages as follows: anagen, catagen, telogen and exogen.

The cycle begins at anagen through catagen, telogen, exogen and finally circles back to anagen. Most of your hair strands are at this phase which happens to be the longest lasting stage. The catagen phase is the transition phase that is several days old. It is a sort of death where the hair follicle will shrink and continue to detach from the papilla. Afterwards is the Telogen which is the resting phase. It is another long phase and lasts about 3 months after which new hair growth begins. An approximate 15 percent of your hair is in this stage. Lastly is the new hair growth phase at which your old hair is shed easily from the follicle. Key ingredients within these tablets including unique formulations provide the follicle and any hair growth associated parts with sufficient nutrients, conditions and building blocks to produce healthy hair. Its basically a consistent and efficient way to consume necessary hair growth factors.

Finding the right Viviscal tablets for you

Fortunately, Viviscal offers a variety of clinically researched tablet supplement options depending on a variety of needs. For example, the Viviscal Extra Strength is a popular option for thicker and longer hair. This supplement is designed for intense follicle nourishment. These tablets particularly incorporate the trademarked AminoMar complex to achieve all this goodness. Additionally a blend vitamins and nutrients supplement the action of AminoMar complex.

Apart from the Extra strength, there’s the Viviscal Professional that is also extensively researched and developed with variety of complexes for ultimate performance. The Viviscal Pro has several ingredients singular to this formula alone. Among these ingredients include the following. First is L Methionine, an amino acid that helps in the formulation of hair and skin. This aspartate family amino acid is a L-alpha amino acid used as a building blocks for many protein structures in the body. Next we have apple extract which contains Procyanidin B-2. We’re not going to get too scientific but after investigation, this ingredient is responsible for an increased hair diameter and hair density increase. Additionally Procyanidin B-2 is associated with promoted hair growth. Lastly is the L-Cystine which protects the body from free radicals. Yes, this antioxidant prevents potential cell damage cased by said free radicals, even cells associated with the hair follicle.

These professional ingredients make the Viviscal Professional quite different from other tablets. In addition to these special formulations, Viviscal tablets contain different types of vitamins and other nutrients each of which influences a certain aspect of hair growth and general hair heath.


Some of the key ingredients in these tablets like the AminoMar are derived from marine life to help with thinning hair in addition to promoting growth of already existing hair. You are recommended to take only one of these tablets per day. You might see other people recommend 2 tablets a day: one in the morning and one at night, however according to the nutritional information provided by the manufacturer, one tab is enough.

Do not give these tablets to children. Unless you are prescribed otherwise by a legally certified practitioner that you can administer these tablets to a child, please do otherwise.

Stay away from Viviscal if…

While this supplement is great for your hair, not everyone should consume these tabs. Because they contain some allergens which could be life threatening to some people. However If you do not have a sea food allergy, you can safely use these supplements without worry. Luckily, some tablets by Viviscal do not contain soy or dairy or nuts or even eggs, making them available to a wider scope of people.

Sometimes hair growth is a holistic experience

When purchasing these tablets you are probably expecting a lot, as you should. However, these tablets will deliver the optimum result when you incorporate routines and regimens in your diet or hair care to supplement them. It would be best to try and properly while incorporating healthy lifestyle choices while taking these supplements,

Length checks

While you might be tempted to check the length of your hair after the first tablet, don’t. These supplements work, but they aren’t miracle workers. However, Viviscal tablets are formulated to be taken for three to six months after which you will notice progressive difference in the length of your hair. Hair growth is a long journey with some setbacks, some of which cannot be helped. For this reason, many users tend to stay on this supplement in order to maintain the hair they’ve managed to grow. Because hair life cycles can last up to 7years, you might find users taking these supplements continually, simply to keep up with their growth and keep it healthy.

Final word

Indeed, there are times when hair growth seems stunted or even deteriorating. During these moments of hair loss or plateau, it is important to consider taking supplements. Not only just supplements but also incorporating changes into your lifestyle. This way, when you are in a healthier state of mind and body you can gain the maximum effect of these pills for longer stronger, fuller hair. Remember, how you take Viviscal tablets will influence the degree to which they are effective.

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