Does Viviscal Work For Alopecia?

Does Viviscal Work For Alopecia?

Regular hair loss is common condition most people tend to hide. Not the normal shedding where you can lose up to 100 strands a day, no. I mean hair falling off in chunks. However, it is nothing to be ashamed of. The most important thing is finding the cause and most effective treatment is the best thing you can do for yourself. We are going to look at alopecia more closely and a popular treatment for the common hair loss issue: alopecia. Read on for further insight on these topics.

Normal hair loss

The AAD, American Academy of Dermatologists places the normal hair loss range between 50 to 100 hair strands daily. It sounds like a lot but it isn’t considering the number of hair follicles present on the scalp. However, if you have longer hair, regular loss becomes more evident. Usually, you might not even notice this loss. On average women lose more hair than men per day. While some men also intensively style their hair, more women apply heat and styles to their hair more regularly than most men. To this effect, about 40 percent more women shed extra hair compared to men.

The biology behind Alopecia

To fully understand how alopecia works, you need some working knowledge of scalp biology and hair follicles. It’s not as complicated as it sounds, we promise. Simply put, hair grows and dies in a cycle. However, each strand of hair is own stage of its life span, which usually lasts from 2 to even 7 years for some people. This hair growth cycle consists of 4 phases: Anagen, Catagen, Telogen and exogen.

Alopecia areata is the occurrence where the hair falls out in patches. This could be noticeable or unnoticeable depending on how intense the shedding is.

Types of alopecia

It doesn’t end there. There are different types of alopecia both in men and women, 6 different types to exact. Some of the most common forms of this condition include the following.

Alopecia Universalis

As the most complex form of alopecia, alopecia Universalis, this condition sees to loss of hair all over the body. This could leave you extremely exposed as hair in certain areas like the nose or even eyes plays important function.

Androgenic alopecia

While it is referred to androgenic alopecia, this condition occurs in both men and women. It is a quite common form of alopecia characterized by thinning hair especially around the crown area or even a shrinking hairline. Overtime, if neglected this form of alopecia leads to baldness.

Alopecia Totalis

This is an autoimmune disorder which can manifest in two ways: Quick and total hair loss or slow and patchy hair loss characteristic of alopecia areata which then morphs into total hair loss.

Traction alopecia

Introducing traction alopecia; yet another common form of alopecia that results from follicle damage. Often when there is too much tension and continuous pulling of the hair, then you risk developing this form of high tension related loss. Chignon Alopecia is a form of this alopecia where the hair loss is concentrated on the crown of the head. If you are a fan of tight top buns or tension that pulls back hair from the crown of your head then you risk developing this form of traction alopecia.

Causes of Alopecia

Your immune system is one of main reasons for your alopecia. This could happen in several different ways, For example, individuals with autoimmune disorders could develop alopecia as an effect of the disease. Alternatively, you immune system could attack your hair follicles or cells associated with hair growth triggering hair loss.

In other cases, tension and stress on the hair can trigger alopecia.

Stress on the body could trigger or even worsen already existing hair loss. While there is little evidence to support this claim, many people agree with occurrence. However the data does agree that stress could be a potential trigger to the condition.

Treating Alopecia with Viviscal

The right kind of treatment is important for effectively combating alopecia. Viviscal for example is a top selling hair growth treatment employed by many alopecia sufferers to help with hair loss. This supplement is a result of 20 years of research. In fact, the effects and effectiveness of this treatment are based on several clinical studies.

Viviscal pride themselves in this formula which is apart from being heavily clinically researched is drug free. These are basically hair supplements that contain ingredients such as biotin or a variety of other vitamins responsible for hair growth. These tablets also incorporate trademarked complexes and extracts derived from plants and animals to help with nourishment and stimulation of the follicles for hair growth.

How does Viviscal Work?

Like we’ve said, this supplement contains an array of nutrients useful to the hair follicle. These not only help stimulate hair growth, but also help maintain healthy hair while you’re at it. In addition to this, these compounds help with hair regrowth in men and women. Some of the key ingredients in these tablets like the AminoMar are derived from marine life to help with thinning hair in addition to promoting growth of already existing hair.

You are advised to take only one of these tablets per day. You might see other people recommend 2 tablets a day: one in the morning and one at night, however according to the nutritional information provided by the manufacturer, one tab is enough.

HOWEVER, while this supplement is great for your hair, not everyone should consume these tabs. Because they contain some allergens which could be life threatening to some people. Moreover,

Be warned of the different types

Viviscal carries different types of dietary supplements for hair regrowth. The Viviscal Extra strength and the Viviscal Pro for example are popular options that couldn’t be more different. They are designed with different ingredients and potency. Before choosing either, it is important that you thoroughly analyze the ingredients, properties and results from each option to find the best option possible.

Final word

Because of the influence hair has on appearance, many of us cherish our strands. It can be saddening when you begin to lose such an item many of us cherish. The good news however that is you can now use supplements such as Viviscal to help you regrow your hair and maintain healthy strands.

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