Viviscal natural hair fibers reviews

Viviscal Natural Hair Fibers Reviews

If you are worried about your hair thinning then it is time you considered natural hair fibers like Viviscal. Some of the hair loss techniques like grafting are way beyond the reach of most people hence the development of natural hair loss products like Viviscal.

For most people they get their sense of worth by having good, shiny hair. But, with age you start experiencing hair thinning and loss. There various solutions that have been developed to mitigate the challenges like Hair grafting. But, if you lack an insurance cover then this is out of the option.

In some instances you will find a really awesome product which works fine initially but later starts causing skin challenges. Viviscal has over 25 years of scientific research under its belt. This has resulted in a stable and safe product that is backed by various clinical studies.

Viviscal hair fibers are designed 100% to be drug free hence reduce the risks of skin complications. The company offers two varieties in their hair fiber range – for men and women.

What should I expect from Viviscal natural hair fibers?

Viviscal hair fibers are made from natural materials and will attach to your hair hence prevent hair thinning. Hair fibers are often sprinkled onto your scalp and since they are electrostatically charged they will cling to your scalp and hair fibers. Some people will use a hair spray for light application. The fibers give the “illusion” of thicker hair.

The hair fibers are not permanent and will hold until your next shampoo session – at this point you will be required to reapply them. Depending on frequency each Viviscal bottle should last you an average of one month. One of the key benefits of going with Viviscal is that it is available in five colors. This gives you a variety of option depending on your hair texture and color. In fact you can blend the colors to accomplish a particular shade.

What are its key features?

Viviscal is a company that has built a solid reputation producing quality hair products like gentle shampoo, 100% drug free hair supplements, and conditioners. The Viviscal hair fibers are made for men and women.

Product backed by years of research

Viviscal high quality hair fiber is backed by over 25 years of research. This means you are using a product that has been clinically tested to ensure it is safe for hair usage. In fact, the company can back the efficiency of the product through seven clinical studies. You do not have to worry about potential side effects or complications for using the product as it is made from drug free compounds.

Viviscal has a strong research team that spends months and years in product development. This ensures that their products meet the stringent of standards and are safe for use. The University of California, DeNova Research, has conducted several clinical studies on the product. Also, the Dallas Research center experts have also participated in some form of clinical studies on Viviscal products. The results show that of the participants taken for the study over 18.3% reported significant decline in hair loss after using the product for three months. In addition, 75.3% of participants recorded some form of decline in hair loss while over 111% said they experienced a significant decline in terminal hair loss.

Increases density for women hair

Viviscal is available for both men and women. To help increase the density of hair in women, Viviscal comes with a concealment technology. You can use a precision applicator during application or use a comb for full coverage. The best part about the hair product is that it works fast and you should start seeing results within minutes.

Hair fibers firmly attach to hair

Viviscal hair fibers electrostatically attach to your hair and won’t be blown away by strong winds. The fibers work by sticking to your scalp hence giving your hair a fuller look. Each bottle of Viviscal will last you up to one month unless you decide to shampoo your hair.

Availability in multiple colors

It is frustrating searching for a hair fiber only to be confronted with one color shade. Viviscal has got you covered as it comes with four pigments – dark brown, black, blonde and light brown. You can use the colors as they are all blend them to suit your tastes. Viviscal does not create a mess with your hair and you can you can incorporate it into your daily routine.

For more firmer hair you can mix your Viviscal hair fibers with their extra strength dietary supplements. With this solution, you not only have firm hair but the supplements initiate growth from within. This gives you healthy hair that is also firm and full.

Help cover baldness for men

As men age, baldness creeps in. You do not have to wallow in shame while you can bring back the shine to your hair with Viviscal. The microscopic fibers work on men’s hair to cover thinning spots and baldness. Application of the solution is simple but you can opt for an applicator. Viviscal for men fibers electrostatically attaches to existing hairline hence giving one a fuller and youthful look. Apply the solution in the morning and it automatically starts to work.

Higher density hair

Thinning and hair loss can be frustrating for both men and women. Instead of opting for aesthetic surgeries you can use Viviscal hair fibers with supplements for dense hair growth. The supplements offered with Viviscal hair fibers have the right nutrients for proper hair growth. They are drug free, hence you do not need to worry about complications or side effects. Fibers do not necessarily promote hair growth but using a product like Viviscal with supplements accomplishes a more dense hairline. These supplements are armed with Vitamin C, Iron, Biotin and other herbs that are essential for hair growth.

No more surgeries

Hair grafts offer a permanent solution to baldness. However, they are expensive and beyond the reach of most people. Besides, there those people for certain health complications cannot have surgeries. Viviscal hair fibers is an inexpensive way to thicken your hair without spending much. If you continue using the product for the next three months to one year then you would have reduced your chances of experiencing hair loss. The best part about Viviscal is that you can purchase it as a package. This will include shampoos, densifying elixir, and conditioner. When you combine all this your results will be enhanced.


  • Availability in multiple colors
  • Product backed by several research studies
  • Drug free meaning you experience less complications
  • Fast working solution
  • Hair fibers electrostatically attach to hair


For more firm and thicker hair use the fibers with supplements


Ageing is inevitable. It leads to hair loss and wrinkled skin. But, you do not have to suffer thinning hair when you can use Viviscal hair fibers. The product is all natural and drug free meaning you do not have to worry about side effects or skin complications. A competent research team that has been working on identifying the right ingredients for their products for the last 25 years backs it. Viviscal is available in four colors and you can blend them to suit your tastes. The product can be used with Viviscal supplements for healthy and firm hair.