Hair tonic for hair loss review

Hair tonic for hair loss review

Hair tonic was one of the most popular hair products for men in the 1950s. It made ones hair have a greasy and glossy look. The product is an oil and in this review we tell you some of the features that made this tonic quite popular in the 50s.

If you lived in the 1950’s or 60’s then you must have come across hair tonic. It was a common feature in men’s grooming artillery. Most of the marketing materials at that time would present the product as something that gives your hair a more glossier or greasy look.

The product declined in usage and started making a comeback in recent times. There has always been some myth concerning hair tonic that it would reverse the effects of baldness but its main aim is to hold hair to a preferred style. If you are suffering from a dry scalp, broken hair, split ends or are susceptible to dandruff then try out hair tonic.

What to expect when using hair tonic

Hair tonic works to give your hair a glossy and greasy look. Since it is a lotion application is by massaging it onto the scalp. As you massage the scalp with the tonic you simulate circulation and this boosts good hair growth. You can then style your hair as you deem fit. You can use hair tonic for your sideburns or style your beards.

Sometimes hair lotions are referred to as friction lotion. This is because they can be used to simulate blood circulation in the hair follicles hence leading to healthy hair. If you do this on a daily basis it is thought to reverse the effects of baldness. Most of the hair tonics in the market are made from alcohol, oil and ethanol.


For many years hair tonic has always contained liquid petroleum or mineral oil as the basic ingredient but things have changed and we now have various ingredients been used. Some of the most popular ingredients include:

White marigold: This is mainly used for its ability to regenerate the hair structure. It is also recommended for people who have irritated and extremely sensitive scalps.

Nettle: This is added to help prevent hair loss, simulate hair growth and as a cosmetic additive.

Wild chestnut: Catering for hair needs is complicated as most are not all the same. This ingredient is used to add volume, improve basic hair condition, and prevent hair loss.

Rosemary: This ingredient has a great scent and is used in many hair shampoos.

The danger with hair tonics is that they should not be applied in excess. Some have natural ingredients that are safe for the body but others have a considerable amount of toxins that when swallowed will cause harm to the body. Hair tonics will have ethanol in them and when ingested can be poisonous. Symptoms of accidental swallowing of hair tonic will lead to diarrhea, vomiting, increased urination and extreme cases a coma. You should make attempts to wash off your tonic before going to bed. This is because they will stain your beddings and attract dirt.

Key benefits of using hair tonic

Hair tonics are great additions to your personal grooming routine – especially if you are a man. They saw widespread usage in the 50s but have made a comeback to be a key component in many barber shops. For some barbers they use hair tonics as some form of wetting agent before they can perform a haircut. Hair tonics are all about style. They make your hair look glossier and greasier and this gives the impression of healthy hair.

Protects your scalp

Many men will massage their scalps with hair tonic in an effort to boost blood circulation in the head. For those who experience dry scalps or scalp surface damage then hair tonic can help restore your scalp to its healthy self. In most of the barbershops, they will often use hair tonic for scalp messaging. For best results massage your scalp with hair tonic on a daily basis.

Glossy look

Hair tonics became popular due to their ability to give hair a glossy and greasy look. This made ones hair look more healthier than normal. The tonic also helped one to apply different styles to their hair as they hold the hair in place. Hair tonics will come with a variety of ingredients that are key for straightening hair. Due to the use of plant based alcohol they work well as cutting agents and help soften the hair.

Help moisturize hair follicles

Most of the hair tonics are made from natural ingredients that are used to moisturize and lubricate the hair follicles. This gives your hair a fresh and healthy look. The tonic will protect your follicles from premature destruction hence help in slowing balding effects. You can include the hair tonic in your daily moisturizing regiment.

Reduce dandruff and scalp damage

Dandruffs can be an eyesore and an embarrassment. They can be a constant headache due to constant itching. Hair tonics cover your scalp and protect it from skin damage. If you apply it constantly you will notice a decline in dandruff outbreak. A healthy scalp is a great source of positive self-esteem and confidence. Your hair not only looks great but you feel good as well.

Helps reduce split ends

A dry scalp and hair is a signal for hair split ends and hair damage. This means no matter how much you comb your hair it simply does not stand. Using hair tonic on a regular basis will help your hair retain most of its natural oils hence prevent split ends outbreak. With constant use of hair tonics you can reverse some of the damage to your hair without undergoing expensive procedures.

Helps style your hair

If you are looking for a more firm look for your hair then you should try out hair tonic. You can use hair tonic for different styles to your hair. For the best results begin by completely brow drying your hair. This helps dry out your hair while opening up the scalp pores for the tonic. After you hair is completely dry pour out some tonic on your hands and massage your scalp and hair. You then can shape and restyle your hair as you deem fit. The application of the tonic will depend on your preference but we would recommend you go slow on it.


  • Leaves your hair with a glossy, greasy shine
  • Great for various hairstyles
  • Helps reduce scalp irritations and dandruff
  • Helps boost scalp blood circulation


Accidental consumption of it can cause vomiting or diarrhea


Hair tonics were well loved in the 1950s but there popularity saw a sharp decline thereafter only for it to recover in new years. The tonic allows one to have a greasy and glossy look. It also gives you the flexibility to do different hairstyles. Hair tonic is massaged to the scalp and this helps keep it moisturized and free from dandruffs. You should see change to your hair after a month of applying the tonic. Hair tonics are great companions to your moisturizer and are a common feature in most barbershops where they are used to wet the hair. You will need to apply hair tonic on a daily basis if you are to see long term benefits.